Sad News: Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach Sam Pittman Just sheds tears Because of…..see more.

Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman explains deleting social media account: ‘Just got sick of it’

Arkansas has lost two games in a row

Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Sam Pittman explained his reasons for deleting his account on X, formerly known as Twitter, telling reporters he got tired of the hate being directed toward him and his players.

“I’ll be honest with you, I just got sick of it,” Pittman said Monday.

“The only reason I had it in the first place is for recruiting,” he continued. “I’m told it would do well for the university if I bring it back.”

Days after losing to BYU, fans noticed that Pittman’s X account had been deleted, according to Sports Illustrated.

“I do not believe that you can hide behind the phone and address people as personally as what people do,” Pittman continued Monday. “I don’t think it’s fair, and I don’t think it’s right. And I don’t think it’s right for the kids. I’m a counselor last week for my punter, for some [offensive] linemen. To me, that’s not what it is, for a bunch of people that’s hiding to talk about you… Everybody knows I’m fat. Everybody knows I’ve got a big chest. To do that, who does that make feel better? It’s not right.”

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