Sad news for Kamilla Cardoso: He is back due to….see more.

Kamilla Cardoso takes joking swipe at South Carolina star who made ogre comparison

Kamilla Cardoso continues to engage South Carolina fans even after leaving the college basketball program for the WNBA, and she amused them with a social media interaction this week

Chicago Sky rookie Kamilla Cardoso enjoyed playful banter with South Carolina college basketball recruit Adhel Tac after the latter compared her to an ogre on TikTok. Cardoso’s social media presence has quickly endeared her to WNBA fans, just as it did NCAA viewers when she played under Dawn Staley with the Gamecocks.

Tac had referred to Cardoso as “Fiona” – an ogre from hit animated film series “Shrek” – in front of thousands of social media viewers. Afterward, she wrote on X: “To Kamilla, I did not mean to call you Fiona on national television and I am very very terribly sorry. You look like a Beautiful Brazilian queen. Todos granizo rainha Kamilla. Eu te amo.”

Cardoso jokingly retorted: “I do not accept your apology, have a great life.” The players were then frustrated when some fans seemed to take the back-and-forth seriously and went after Tak in defense of Cardoso, a massively popular member of the women’s basketball community. As a result, Tak wrote on X, “For the people in the back FRIENDS can joke.”

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