Worst Nightmare has Just Happened to Atlanta Braves Due To..see more

‘Worst nightmare coming true’: Horrendous first inning leaves Braves looking at what might have been

It all cratered for the Braves and Mike Foltynewicz in the top of the first inning Wednesday, a buzz-killing frame that was an almost unimaginably awful way to start the most anticipated and important game in recent Atlanta team history.

The Cardinals scored 10 runs — yes, T-E-N — in a first inning from hell for Foltynewicz and Max Fried during Game 5 of a National League Division Series at SunTrust Park, a 13-1 blowout defeat in which all suspense was drained from the contest before the second out was recorded.

The Braves and Foltynewicz, charged with seven runs in just one-third of an inning, were left searching for answers and wondering how things could have degenerated so quickly, from a Game 4 they knew they should have won Monday at St. Louis to giving up the most first-inning runs in postseason history before many in the sellout crowd had even found their seats.

“I don’t know, stuff happens fast,” said Foltynewicz, who gave up three hits, six earned runs and three walks and became just the third Braves pitcher ever to get fewer than two outs in a postseason start. “It seemed like I was just trying to make my pitches as best I could, and they were just putting the ball in play.

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