Cowboys Nearing NFC East Championship

Cowboys Nearing NFC East


The Dallas Cowboys face a straightforward task: securing the NFC East title with a victory against

the bottom-ranked Washington Commanders.

Despite Washington’s recent struggles under a coach in the final stretch, the Cowboys are wary of potential pitfalls. Last year’s 26-6 defeat to Washington in the regular-season finale serves as motivation, and the team is determined not to repeat history.

Pro Bowl linebacker Micah Parsons emphasizes the opportunity to make a statement win,

asserting the Cowboys’ dominance. With an 11-5 record, Dallas has demonstrated

elite status, and a division title would pave the way for potential home playoff games.

While the Cowboys boast an impressive 16-game home winning streak, their road performance has been less consistent at 3-5.

Coach Mike McCarthy values road wins for the confidence they instill in the team.

The Commanders, already eliminated from contention with a 4-12 record, aim to play

spoiler in what could be Coach Ron Rivera’s final game in charge. Despite their draft position being their primary concern, the Commanders are motivated to disrupt a division rival’s aspirations.

The Cowboys’ running game, led by Tony Pollard, has faced challenges throughout the season,

notably in the recent game against Detroit. McCarthy acknowledges the team’s struggles against extra rushers and sees it as an opportunity for improvement.

Ron Rivera, anticipating his likely departure after four seasons with the Commanders,

emphasizes staying focused on coaching. Despite challenges on and off the field, Rivera takes pride in instilling a positive culture.

Micah Parsons, a Pro Bowl defender, aims to break a streak of three games without a sack.

With 13 sacks this season, he’s determined to make an impact and is willing to do whatever it takes to see a change in his performance.

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