“Spurs’ Pursuit of Radu Dragusin Intensifies as Napoli Hits Image Rights Roadblock in Transfer Race”

“Spurs’ Pursuit of Radu Dragusin Intensifies as Napoli Hits Image Rights Roadblock in Transfer Race”

Tottenham Hotspur has been actively pursuing Genoa’s promising center-back, Radu Dragusin,

during the recent transfer window. The club’s efforts to strengthen its

defensive lineup have been evident through ongoing negotiations and bids.

Initially, Spurs’ verbal bid of €23 million was turned down, and a revised offer of €25 million plus bonuses faced the same fate, according to journalist Sacha Tavolieri.

Interestingly, another contender for Dragusin’s services, Napoli, has encountered a unique obstacle.

Despite their strong interest in the 21-year-old defender, Napoli is hesitant to proceed due

to a conflict regarding Dragusin’s image rights. Unlike Napoli’s policy, Dragusin has sold his image rights to an external company, presenting a stumbling block in the negotiation process.

The clash over image rights has become a noteworthy factor influencing

Napoli’s decision not to pursue Dragusin further. This issue sheds light on the growing complexity and significance of image rights in modern football. Image rights involve the commercial use of a player’s likeness, name, and personal branding elements, with clubs often seeking control for marketing and revenue purposes.

From Tottenham’s perspective, Napoli’s withdrawal could be advantageous, providing a potentially clearer path to negotiate with Genoa for Dragusin’s transfer.

This situation emphasizes that contemporary football negotiations encompass not only agreeing on a transfer fee but also aligning with a player’s personal and commercial interests.

As the saga unfolds, it remains to be seen if Spurs can successfully secure the transfer of the talented Romanian defender.

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