“Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham Bids Farewell to New Orleans After One-Year Stint

“Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham Bids Farewell to New Orleans After One-Year Stint”

It appears that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham’s one-year tenure in New Orleans has concluded.

The Pro-Bowler shared a photo from an aircraft cockpit on January 10, expressing

gratitude to New Orleans with the message “It’s been real NO. Thank you for all the love.”

Graham’s return to the Saints under a one-year, $1.31 million deal was warmly welcomed by fans, as he had previously stated his desire not to play for any other team.

Throughout his 13-game season, the 36-year-old, known for his

contributions in the endzone, caught six of seven passes thrown his way for a total of 39 yards.

However, Graham faced a setback in mid-August when he was arrested

during a “medical episode” in southern California, causing him to miss

a game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Despite the challenges, he returned to practice the following Tuesday.

In addition to his on-field presence, Graham vocally supported backup

quarterback Jameis Winston and the offensive players involved in

the late-game touchdown run by Jamaal Williams against the

Atlanta Falcons in the team’s final game of the season.

Graham defended Winston against criticism and acknowledged

the team’s collective responsibility for the situation, emphasizing that it was an unforeseen circumstance that escalated disproportionately.

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