Dallas Cowboys Face Period of Ambiguity in the Coming Months

Dallas Cowboys Face Period of Ambiguity in the Coming Months

This post wasn’t something I expected to write during the second week of the playoffs.

I initially anticipated composing another game preview for the

Cowboys vs. the Lions, a rematch that I believe many were looking forward to.

However, with that scenario now unlikely, the Dallas Cowboys face the task of figuring out several aspects in the coming months.

The decision to bring back Mike McCarthy likely implies that Dak Prescott will return under some contractual arrangement.

Given that this is the final year of McCarthy’s contract, it seems improbable that they would introduce a new quarterback to operate the system after just one year with Prescott at the helm.

While their regular-season performance doesn’t concern me, the issue lies in their playoff performances. Changes are needed.

Looking ahead to spring, the NFL draft is scheduled for April.

Before that, Jerry Jones must make strategic moves in March, similar to last season when they traded for Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks. While they have the option to cut Cooks and save money against the cap, considering his remaining contract year, retaining him might be worthwhile.

Michael Gallup’s performance was disappointing this season, making his contract seem like a wasted opportunity. There are lingering concerns about Tony Pollard, as he may not be a three-down back capable of carrying a football team.

With Derrick Henry’s departure from the Titans, Jerry Jones

should actively pursue bringing him in. Offering Henry a two-year deal and emphasizing the goal of winning a

Super Bowl with the current roster could be a compelling proposition.

In contrast to focusing solely on the NFL draft, prioritizing proven

players who have already made an impact in the league is the preferred approach.

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