“Everton Faces Financial Setback as Revenue Decline Drops Club 11 Places in Deloitte Money League

“Everton Faces Financial Setback as Revenue Decline Drops Club 11 Places in Deloitte Money League”

Everton’s position in the annual Deloitte Money League has declined by 11 places due to a decrease in revenue during the 2022/23 financial year.

Although the official accounts for the year ending June 2023

are yet to be published, the Deloitte report provides an early indication.

In the 2023 Money League report, Everton is projected to experience

a slightly over 6% drop in revenue, totaling £169.4m, compared to £181m in the previous year.

This places Everton in 30th position, falling behind clubs like Fulham, Leeds

United, and Crystal Palace, ranking 14th in revenue among Premier League clubs.

While the official financial figures are not public, the report focuses solely on

revenue and excludes operating costs.

Club sources suggest that the figures in the report are likely accurate.

The decline in revenue is attributed to the

suspension of deals with companies such as USM, Yota,

and MegaFon, following sanctions related to

the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in January 2022.

Everton missed out on potential income, especially from the resale

of inventory like the naming rights for Finch Farm.

The 2024 report includes the £40m guaranteed sum from

the sale of Anthony Gordon to Newcastle, while the 2023 report

featured the £50m sale of Richarlison to Tottenham Hotspur.

The latter transaction resulted in a profit above his remaining book

value, including the share owed to his former club Watford.

Despite securing improved deals, such as the record front-of-shirt sponsorship by Stake.com,

Everton’s poor performances in the last two seasons affected their ability to

generate strong figures from Premier League merit payments.

In 2023, they earned £2m less than in 2022.

The financial challenges for Everton include a 10-point deduction in November for

breaching Premier League profit and sustainability regulations (PSR), with a fresh charge

for the 2022/23 period leading to another independent commission referral.

The club has an active appeal regarding the initial 10-point deduction.

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