Parliament Urges Premier League to Disclose Minutes of Everton’s 10-Point Penalty Decision

Parliament Urges Premier League to Disclose Minutes of Everton’s 10-Point Penalty Decision

The Chair of the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, Dame Caroline Dinenage, has called on Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters to disclose further details regarding the process leading to Everton’s 10-point deduction and the potential for a second deduction.

Dinenage specifically requested the publication of minutes from the

board meeting where the Premier League decided on the penalty, and she urged

Masters to provide the witness statement he submitted to the independent

commission responsible for Everton’s sanction.

In her letter to Masters, Dinenage expressed concerns about a perceived

shifting of standards during the current season and sought confirmation on whether future sanctions

would be transparent and fairly applied. She emphasized the need for clarity

and additional information on the decision-making process.

Everton faced a 10-point deduction in November for breaching Profit and

Sustainability Rules from 2018-2022, as they exceeded the permissible limit

with a declared loss of £124.5 million against the £105 million limit.

Both Everton and Nottingham Forest are currently under investigation

for the period from 2019-2023, exposing them to potential further points

deductions and the risk of a second deduction for Everton in the same season.

Dinenage also pressed Masters to confirm that any punishments and appeals

will be addressed before the conclusion of the Premier League season on May 19.

She highlighted a perceived contradiction in Masters’ response

to the DCMS committee, where he mentioned an independent panel deciding

punishments, appearing to conflict with the Premier League commission’s

report indicating a structured policy.

Concerns were raised about the Premier League board’s decision to endorse

a structured policy for sanctions and recommend it to the commission.

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