Shocking Stat: Everton Alone in Premier League Without Achieving This Season

Shocking Stat: Everton Alone in Premier League Without Achieving This Season

Every Premier League team may occasionally feel aggrieved by officiating decisions, but Everton’s case appears particularly compelling.

Despite a season marked by progress and positivity under Sean Dyche, their ten-point deduction in November abruptly plunged them to the bottom of the table.

Though they have managed to climb back, Luton Town has now surpassed them in the standings.

Everton’s unfortunate predicament is exacerbated by a glaring statistic: they are the only

Premier League club yet to be awarded a penalty this season.

While other teams have received penalties, including Chelsea and Liverpool with eight and six respectively, Everton’s offensive struggles might explain this anomaly, but numerous instances this season suggest otherwise.

In a recent match, Antonee Robinson’s clear handball on the goal line went unpunished, as it was deemed unintentional with his arms supposedly by his sides—an example of questionable

refereeing that highlights the Premier League’s officiating challenges.

The ongoing battle between Everton and the Premier League adds another layer of complexity

to their misfortune.

While it might be tempting to dismiss it as coincidental, given the Premier League’s past

decisions against Everton, skepticism persists.

The organization’s actions, including a ten-point deduction and the pursuit of another penalty

for an alleged breach, fuel suspicions of a desire to undermine Everton.

The overall decline in referee and VAR performance, a longstanding issue, compounds the problem.

Weekly controversies arising from officiating failures contribute to growing frustration.

Everton, facing both misfortune and a points deduction, must avoid further setbacks, as

the cumulative impact could be catastrophic for their Premier League standing.

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