Ranchers EXCLUSIVE: Unidentified NFL Owner Jerry Plans a “Home-Run Hire” at Coach

Ranchers EXCLUSIVE: Unidentified NFL Owner Jerry Plans a “Home-Run Hire” at Coach

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is expressing a strong commitment to winning big

in 2024, particularly in the search for a new defensive coordinator to replace Dan Quinn.

According to an anonymous fellow NFL owner, Jones is aiming for a “home-run hire”

and is actively involved in the process.

While the specifics remain unclear, Jones’ involvement suggests a departure from the

sole decision-making authority of head coach Mike McCarthy, who is entering his final contractual year.

Several names have surfaced as potential candidates, including:

  1. Bill Belichick: Although viewed as unrealistic, Jones mentioned the idea during a recent media visit at the Senior Bowl, emphasizing compatibility. The 71-year-old Belichick is hailed by Jones as one of the greatest football coaches ever.
  2. Pete Carroll: Recently let go from the Seattle Seahawks, Carroll expresses a desire to continue coaching. Hiring Carroll, even at 72, could bring a fresh approach reminiscent of the ’90s Cowboys’ strategy of replacing Norv Turner with mentor Ernie Zampeze.
  3. Aden Durde: Dallas’ defensive line coach, with strong ties to Quinn and the Cowboys, is well-regarded in the locker room. While a potential candidate for Washington, the question arises whether McCarthy is willing to align himself with a rookie defensive playcaller.

Jones’ pursuit of a significant coaching hire indicates a bold approach to achieving success in the upcoming season.

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