A ‘Massive’ development has Fabio Silva projected to return to the Rangers in the 2024–2025 season.

A ‘Massive’ development has Fabio Silva projected to return to the Rangers in the 2024–2025 season.

Fabio Silva is looking to commit to a team, and his father has predicted that he will return to Rangers for the 2024–2025 campaign.

In January, the Wolves striker moved to Ibrox on a season-long loan in an attempt

to play more regularly in the first squad. On Saturday afternoon, he scored his first goal for the team in a 3-0 victory over Livingston.

And in an interview with Sunday Mail, as cited by the Glasgow Times on February 4,

his father Jorge acknowledged that anything might occur over the next four months and hinted that if he performs

well this season, a return to Ibrox would take place.

He remarked, “We have a long contract with Wolves, but Fabio needs to find a place to call home.”

If Fabio performs well, even on loan, is there a chance he’ll stay with Rangers for the upcoming season? Yes, I believe so. Hey, a lot can happen in four months.

However, I’m hoping Rangers win the title this year, which would be fantastic for both Fabio and the team.

“For Fabio, playing in the Champions League has always been a dream. Right now, he needs his career to continue. Why not, if the Rangers are pleased with him—and Wolves will undoubtedly have the last say?

“My advice to Fabio is to give his best for this massive club, do what he can to help his team and the coach – and make the supporters happy. If everyone is happy at the end of the season, why couldn’t he go back to Rangers?”

Never say never at Rangers

Making a decision at this early stage of his Ibrox career is not wise, and neither Philippe Clement nor the Rangers know what they have planned for the summer window.

Stranger things have happened at Ibrox, though, and if Silva gets off to a quick start

and scores the goals that move us up to number 56, it will be difficult to find anyone who

doesn’t want him returning for the upcoming year.

Silva is one of the attackers that Wolves has just spent a lot of money on, but if he isn’t

going to play frequently there, he will undoubtedly want to stay, and we would be glad to have him.

Although everyone connected to Rangers was equally pleased about the signing of Jose

Cifuentes in the summer, that has already gone to pot with a move to Brazil set to be announced in the coming days,

so that all depends on him scoring goals and settling in.

There’s no rush to make a decision and both parties will go through plenty before it

actually happens in the summer, but these comments show that it’s going well for now and he’s be open to it so it’s

something to consider for sure.

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