Jury from Celtic slips and asks Rangers championship questions, highlighting a critical distinction in the Premiership battle.

Jury from Celtic slips and asks Rangers championship questions, highlighting a critical distinction in the Premiership battle.

KEITH JACKSON: Rangers are gaining momentum just in time, but Celtic are still the favorites to cross the finish line.

Philippe Clement has a chance to pull off a remarkable title comeback if he wins the upcoming Old Firm game.

CRAIG SWAN: The Rangers are leading the way, and as problems at Celtic mount,

the Ibrox group has been pushed toward a modicum of favoritism.

GRAEME YOUNG: Philippe Clement mentioned his upcoming marathon when

he arrived, and now his opponent has a serious puncture.

Rangers is far outperforming Celtic, but there is still hope for the green side.

If Brendan Rodgers’ derby skill holds true, he can keep the crown thanks to his electrifying record against the Rangers.

In my honest opinion, it is too close to call, says Scott Burns.

Rangers have performed admirably, but there may yet be some surprises. The difference can come from the head-to-heads.

KEITH JACKSON: Things are changing in Afghanistan.

Warnock will aim to place in the top six if he manages to obtain them.

However, the level of work the elderly man will have to accomplish is summed up by his Jeckyll and Hyde performance against Celtic on Saturday.

CRAIG SWANN: Wardock ought to be able to push them into the top half and into a four-way tie with Kilmarnock. Third, hearts are lost.

Young, Grete: Fourth. Hearts are already gone in third, but Warnock seems a good fit for this Aberdeen team right now, who will probably flourish playing as the self-made underdog in football.

The prototypical Warnock performance against Celtic in the second half gave the impression that the 75-year-old was the driving force behind the exciting about turn.

Third place goes to Scott Burns, whose heart is set too far ahead. Therefore, it appears that fourth is the best they can do. Anything less would be disastrous.

KEITH JACKSON: It’s true that Livi are goners. Ross County is currently in the play-off position and doesn’t appear to have much chance of moving up.

CRAIG SWANN: Ross County isn’t doing enough to escape another play-off, and Livi aren’t likely to save themselves this season.

GRAEME YOUNG: Livingston may be gone, but the real excitement begins when one begins to guess which players will be drenched by the playoffs.

St Johnstone, under Craig Levein, are a class act and ought to win.

Motherwell is a weekly sure thing not to win, but Ross County seems like they’re about to blow up. However, Livi will likely finish last and County will likely face a rematch of the playoffs.

SCOTT BURNS: I’m afraid for Livingston, and based on the way things are going, it appears like Ross County will finish in second place, but Motherwell and St Johnstone will also be secure.

Kevin Van Veen is Keith Jackson. Kilmarnock’s Derek McInnes has been quietly performing a pretty amazing job, and the Dutch striker will assist the manager in securing a European spot for the Ayrshire team.

Nothing less is fair to them.

CRAIG SWANN: Owen Beck and Michael Mellon representing Dundee.

The children at Dens Park are future stars who look very gorgeous.

GRAEME YOUNG: Michael Mellon at Dundee seems to be the real deal, but Kevin Van Veen is the sexier option. Dundee’s penchant for timing his signings perfectly has contributed to Tony Docherty’s inspiring first season in the dugout.

And the loanee from Burnley is a good fit.

SCOTT BURNS: Scott Fraser’s recruitment by Hearts has the potential to be significant.

He adds a little more flair to the team and can truly help the Jambos close out the season in style.

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