Everton takeover: According to the former CEO, the deal may be hacked because of what “I’m hearing from sources.”

Everton takeover: According to the former CEO, the deal may be hacked because of what “I’m hearing from sources.”

Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness has expressed his belief that there are still “other potential buyers” capable of acquiring the Goodison Park club.

Speaking on the latest edition of Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast, the 66-year-old, who served as CEO at Everton from 2004 to 2009 and currently advises elite clubs through his football

consultancy, suggested that the delay in Premier League approval poses “severe issues” for 777 Partners.

777 Partners reportedly reached an agreement worth over £500 million to

purchase Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% stake in Everton back in September.

However, Everton is still awaiting Premier League approval for the deal, a process involving

the Financial Conduct Authority and Football Association.

Reports indicate that Everton has been loaned up to £180 million by the prospective new owners to assist with stadium and operating expenses.

Wyness noted on Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast,

“The process was supposed to take 12 weeks. We’re now at 19 or 20 weeks, and that does indicate some severe issues.”

Wyness further elaborated on the situation, stating, “Richard Masters mentioned in the House

of Commons that they expected the deal to go through by the end of January – that date also came and went.

There are issues.” He also discussed the financial aspect, mentioning conflicting reports about

the amount of money pledged by 777 Partners, suggesting that it might be more of a promise than actual funds injected into the club.

Highlighting the dilemma faced by the Premier League in approving 777 Partners, Wyness remarked,

“The Premier League’s issue is that if they approve 777 and they turn out to be bad owners, they’ve got a problem.

If they don’t approve 777, Everton have a problem.”

Despite these challenges, Wyness remains optimistic about alternative buyers, stating,

“I still believe there are other potential buyers out there. I think that is still the best option.”

He noted, however, that the exclusivity deal between 777 Partners and Everton could complicate

matters for other potential investors.

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