When Everton plays Manchester City on Saturday, Sean Dyche must not start a player worth $20 million.

When Everton plays Manchester City on Saturday, Sean Dyche must not start a player worth $20 million.

Everton is set to return to Premier League action tomorrow with an early kick-off, facing Manchester City on the road.

Facing Pep Guardiola’s formidable side, who have regained their form, Everton faces a

daunting challenge at the Etihad Stadium, a venue where they have historically struggled.

Considering the tough opposition and the likelihood of a difficult match, this could be an

opportune moment for Everton to make some minor squad rotations to keep players fresh.

While not suggesting drastic changes, resting key players and giving opportunities to bench players may be beneficial, especially as injured players continue their recovery.

Among those who could benefit from a rest, Dwight McNeil stands out. Having joined Everton from Burnley during Frank Lampard’s tenure, McNeil has become an important player for the club, particularly in avoiding relegation with his seven Premier League goals.

However, with McNeil facing immense physical and emotional strain in recent months and ranking among the league’s top minutes-played attackers, giving him a break might be wise.

Despite missing the first three games of the season due to injury, McNeil’s heavy workload

could have taken a toll, potentially impacting his performance and goal-scoring form in recent matches.

Considering the formidable challenge posed by Manchester City and the likelihood of this

match being a tough one for Everton, resting McNeil and possibly introducing fresh legs like

Lewis Dobbin could be a strategic move by manager Sean Dyche.

This would allow McNeil to recharge for upcoming matches that are perceived as more winnable for Everton.

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