Appeal over Everton’s point deduction: Wyness is “bullish” about “reduction” following a “robust case”

Appeal over Everton’s point deduction: Wyness is “bullish” about “reduction” following a “robust case”

Former Everton executive Keith Wyness has suggested that the club’s 10-point deduction in the Premier League could be lifted soon, with the possibility of a fine or suspended penalty being imposed instead.

During an episode of Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast, Wyness, who previously served as CEO at Goodison Park, expressed optimism about Everton’s appeal outcome, indicating that the

Premier League might retract the punishment to save face.

The decision on Everton’s appeal is expected in mid-February, potentially just days away.

The deduction has pushed Everton into the relegation zone, leaving them one point from safety with 15 games remaining this season.

Without the deduction, they would be 12th in the league standings, trailing Chelsea by only two points.

Additionally, Everton faces another charge for breaching Profitability and Sustainability Regulations, with the outcome of that case anticipated in April.

Wyness conveyed his hopeful outlook for Everton’s appeal, suggesting a positive resolution close to Valentine’s Day. He praised the robust case presented by Laurence Rabinowitz KC, the new lawyer handling the appeal.

Wyness criticized the Premier League for its handling of the situation, noting the conflicting media narrative and the league’s press releases and briefings before the appeal, despite instructing clubs to refrain from

commenting during the process.

He speculated that the Premier League might backtrack on the deduction, possibly replacing it with

a suspended punishment or issuing a fine, as a means to salvage its credibility amid the controversy

surrounding the situation.

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