Everton: Sean Dyche’s choice regarding Dominic Calvert-Lewin may have saved millions of dollars.

Everton: Sean Dyche’s choice regarding Dominic Calvert-Lewin may have saved millions of dollars.

The Daily Mirror, in its print edition on February 10th, reported that Everton has postponed offering a new contract to their striker until the summer.

With Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s current contract set to expire in 18 months, Everton will determine whether to address it at the end of the season.

Despite Calvert-Lewin’s recent struggle with injuries and his failure to score in his last

17 games, manager Sean Dyche still views the 26-year-old’s long-term future with the club.

This decision seems prudent given the ongoing chaos surrounding Everton, including their

battle with the Premier League over a 10-point deduction awaiting a verdict on appeal, and the pending approval

from the league and the FA regarding the expected takeover by 777 Partners.

With Everton facing significant financial pressure and several outstanding debts, prioritizing player contracts, especially one as significant as Calvert-Lewin’s, is not a top concern at the moment.

Resolving the issues behind the scenes, particularly the takeover, is crucial before focusing on

recruitment and player contract renewals ahead of what promises to be a critical summer rebuild

at Goodison Park.

There’s also the argument that Calvert-Lewin’s current form doesn’t merit a new deal, considering

the possibility of needing an upgrade in the summer.

Committing to a costly new contract for Calvert-Lewin could hinder plans to sign a quality

replacement, which Dyche may need to bolster the squad.

While Calvert-Lewin is undoubtedly talented, his recent lack of form suggests that committing

to a new deal amidst ongoing turmoil at the club would be unwise.

This decision to postpone contract talks may have been influenced by Dyche’s need to

assess Calvert-Lewin’s long-term suitability as the club’s striker.

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