Rangers’ ‘ideal’ 2024 start, Cortes and Diomande, according to Connor Goldson

Rangers’ ‘ideal’ 2024 start, Cortes and Diomande, according to Connor Goldson

Connor Goldson shared his thoughts with the media following the 2-0 victory over Ayr United.

Here’s a summary of what he had to say:

On the game: Goldson expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance and the result.

He highlighted the solidity of their play and the achievement of keeping a clean sheet.

Despite a brief lapse in concentration during the first half, Goldson believed they deserved the win and executed a professional performance overall.

On fans dreaming of trophies: Goldson acknowledged the fans’ aspirations but emphasized the team’s focus on taking one game at a time.

He reiterated the manager’s demand for concentration and commitment to their style of play.

Goldson emphasized the importance of maintaining their form and exciting the fans in upcoming games.

On the start after the winter break: Goldson praised the team’s perfect start since the winter break, winning all five games and keeping four clean sheets.

He expressed satisfaction with achieving their objectives during this period.

On Cortes and Diomande: Goldson commended the performances of Cortes and Diomande, particularly highlighting Cortes’ impact in the first half and Diomande’s quality in training.

He emphasized the importance of integrating Diomande quickly and recognized both players as valuable additions to the squad.

On the comfort of the game compared to previous years: Goldson noted the bravery of Ayr United in their approach and highlighted the team’s improved organization, particularly in preventing counterattacks.

He emphasized the manager’s emphasis on pressing and counterpressing, which has helped the team control games more effectively.

On the clean sheet record: Goldson attributed the team’s clean sheet record to collective effort and

effective pressing from the front.

He stressed the importance of starting the defensive work from high up the pitch and maintaining

pressure on opponents.

Goldson emphasized the team’s commitment to defensive solidity and praised the attacking players

for contributing to this goal.

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