Richard Masters, the Premier League’s chief, is “under pressure” as Everton and Liverpool vote.

Richard Masters, the Premier League’s chief, is “under pressure” as Everton and Liverpool vote.

Premier League chief Richard Masters is reportedly facing criticism from a group of clubs due to various issues. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester City, Newcastle, Chelsea, Everton, Nottingham Forest, and Sheffield United opposed his leadership in a recent shareholders’ meeting.

Crystal Palace and Burnley reportedly abstained.

These clubs have been vocal in their disagreement with recent decisions made by the Premier League.

For instance, they were among those who rejected proposals to tighten rules regarding associated

party transactions (APT) and loan transfers last November.

Manchester City is even considering legal action against the Premier League, arguing that these restrictions violate competition law.

Wolves, however, voted in favor of tightening APT rules, a departure from their previous stance.

This shift is believed to be influenced by adjustments made by the Premier League to the APT regulations.

Despite facing criticism and complaints, Masters’ position is currently secure.

He remains focused on addressing various issues facing the Premier League, including discussions with the English Football

League (EFL) regarding the proposed New Deal for Football.

Disagreements among top-flight clubs extend beyond recent votes, encompassing issues such as

the enforcement of Profit and Sustainability Rules, proposed changes to the loan system, and

the financial settlement offered to the EFL.

Additionally, tensions exist regarding future TV rights and digital strategies, leading to divisions among clubs.

Masters faced further scrutiny after referring to Everton as a “small club” when questioned

about the treatment of “big clubs” in financial rules. He clarified that the rules apply to all clubs, regardless of size.

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