Wyness lashes out at Masters following the latest Everton point deduction, saying ‘he’s out of his depth.’

Wyness lashes out at Masters following the latest Everton point deduction, saying ‘he’s out of his depth.’

Former Everton executive Keith Wyness has criticized Premier League CEO Richard Masters, suggesting he lacks the necessary competence and has failed to uphold the league’s integrity.

Wyness, who previously served as CEO at Everton and now advises elite clubs through

a football consultancy, also criticized Premier League chair Alison Brittain for her absence in handling

Everton’s recent punishments.

Everton has already been docked 10 points this season for financial violations and now faces another charge alongside Nottingham Forest.

The outcome of Everton’s appeal against the initial punishment will be revealed later this month, a decision that could impact their relegation fate.

Despite Manchester City facing 115 outstanding financial charges for a year, Everton and

Forest’s cases have been expedited.

Masters, who took over from Richard Scudamore in 2019, has been the public face of the

Premier League, while Brittain has remained notably quiet on recent developments.

Wyness emphasized the absence of Brittain from the process, asserting that such

a significant punishment should involve the Premier League chair.

He criticized Masters for mishandling the situation,

suggesting that the issue could have been addressed differently to preserve the league’s integrity.

Wyness highlighted Everton’s cooperation with the league since 2020, noting that all transfers were approved at one point, only for charges to arise later.

He raised concerns about the league’s governance and emphasized the need for better

maintenance of its integrity, particularly given the ongoing uncertainty and the precedence of resolving larger

issues like Manchester City’s before others.

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