At Ibrox, Rangers CFO James Taylor gives a “significant” FFP report in light of the recent Everton ruling.

At Ibrox, Rangers CFO James Taylor gives a “significant” FFP report in light of the recent Everton ruling.

Rangers’ Chief Financial Officer, James Taylor, has addressed the club’s stance regarding UEFA regulations and Financial Fair Play, especially in light of recent incidents involving Everton and Nottingham Forest.

In contrast to the Premier League clubs facing scrutiny for breaching financial rules, Taylor emphasized

that Rangers maintain a positive relationship with UEFA and adhere to the regulations.

He pointed out that due to the disparity in media revenue between Scotland and England,

comparisons between Rangers and clubs like Everton, Forest, Fulham, or Brighton aren’t entirely applicable.

Speaking on the “Four Lads Had a Dream” podcast, Taylor outlined the club’s approach

to financial monitoring. He explained that they focus on three key aspects: ensuring no outstanding

football debts, managing losses over time to comply with FFP guidelines, and making sustainable investments.

Taylor reassured that Rangers’ financial performance has been within acceptable limits, as evidenced by their reported figures.

Taylor highlighted the unique commercial landscape Rangers operates in compared to English clubs, stressing the significant impact a successful or unsuccessful European season can have on their financial standing.

He underscored the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with UEFA as the club progresses.

While Rangers aim for self-sustainability, they continue to monitor their financial position closely.

Despite not yet achieving their goal within the initially stated timeframe, the club appears to be in a

robust financial position, which should reassure fans concerned about past financial challenges.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire recently highlighted that Rangers’ matchday revenue

and overall income are comparable to top-six English clubs, with the notable difference being media income.

This observation aligns with Taylor’s comments regarding the disparity in media revenues.

Qualification for UEFA competitions remains crucial for Rangers’ financial stability, and their

commitment to collaboration with UEFA bodes well for their future financial health.

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