Under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s assault has developed in an intriguing look for the future.

Under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s assault has developed in an intriguing look for the future.

Arsenal defeated West Ham 6-0, demonstrating for the second week in a straight that they could function without their No. 9.

Kai Havertz was the line leader for the 3-1 victory over Liverpool, but Mikel Arteta switched to Leandro Trossard on Sunday. Just before halftime, the Belgian scored Arsenal’s fourth goal with a magnificent performance. He would have had two if not for Alphonse Areola’s outstanding save.

That would have been just compensation for Trossard, who terrorized West Ham while playing the position of false nine.

He was crucial in creating space for others by dropping deep frequently, which helped Arsenal score their second goal. Trossard picked up the ball well within his own half, turned, and sent a pass over the top to set Bukayo Saka free. Areola brought Saka down, and Saka scored flawlessly from the penalty spot.

Trossard helped several of Arsenal’s attackers, not just Saka. Gabriel Martinelli was unlucky not to be involved in the action himself, as he was picked out by an incredible long pass that split the West Ham defense apart.

Havertz, who stayed in the team but switched to midfield, enjoyed taking up the space that Trossard had freed up for driving.

Arteta described the movement of Havertz and Trossard as “something very different.” “I believed that Leo and Kai in those locations may affect them the most, based on how I envisioned the game and the gaps they create.

The execution is something else entirely. They deserve praise because they performed incredibly well.

The past two weeks have demonstrated Arteta’s offensive alternatives. He deployed Havertz as a target man against Liverpool. He made use of Trossard’s versatility as a false nine for West Ham.

Arsenal has occasionally been unduly dependent on Jesus and his ability to connect plays, but the last two weeks have offered optimism that may soon fade.

Where does this leave Eddie Nketiah is the one unanswered question in all of this. Being ignored in the last two games must be easy for a player who is expected to be Jesus’s main rival.

This summer, there have already been rumors regarding Nketiah’s future, in part because Arsenal would have substantially more money if the homegrown striker were moved in accordance with financial fair play standards.

Among those interested in the 24-year-old was Crystal Palace, and what transpires in the coming months will undoubtedly have a significant impact. What does it indicate for Nketiah if Havertz and Trossard are both chosen to fill in for Jesus while he is out injured?

Only Gabriel and Saka have played in more games for the current team under Arteta, who hasn’t stopped praising Nketiah.

But as past events have demonstrated, Arteta keeps Arsenal moving forward and strives to improve the team. The last two weeks have seemed to hint to things to come.

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