“A fear”… According to Jamie Carragher, the Premier League is afraid of what Everton supporters might do.

“A fear”… According to Jamie Carragher, the Premier League is afraid of what Everton supporters might do.

Jamie Carragher, a pundit known for his Everton roots, has often faced criticism for not addressing the struggles of supporting the club in his media appearances, particularly given his ties to Sky Sports, which are perceived as being aligned with the Premier League establishment.

However, Carragher recently spoke out on the ongoing ten-point deduction and appeal process i

nvolving Everton, suggesting that the Premier League might be hesitant to announce a

verdict due to fear of the

reaction, particularly on the upcoming Monday Night Football broadcast.

In a recent statement, Carragher questioned the delay in announcing the appeals decision, expressing that Everton and other clubs affected deserve clarity.

He speculated whether the Premier League is intentionally delaying the announcement to mitigate potential backlash.

Carragher’s remarks, although focusing on the speed of decision-making rather than the

fairness of the punishment itself, represent a rare instance of support for Everton from a high-profile media figure.

This shift in stance from Carragher, who has previously faced criticism for not addressing

Everton’s grievances, could signal a turning point in garnering support from other prominent figures and

applying pressure on the Premier League to address the situation fairly.

The fact that Carragher’s comments come from someone affiliated with Sky Sports adds

significance, given the broadcaster’s contentious relationship with Everton fans due to perceived biased coverage.

Overall, Carragher’s public support for Everton’s cause may encourage other influential

voices to speak out and potentially influence the outcome of the ongoing dispute between

the club and the Premier League.

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