“It simply pauses everything.” Witnesses describe the Union Station shooting scenario.

“It simply pauses everything.” Witnesses describe the Union Station shooting scenario.

The celebration following Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory turned chaotic as gunfire erupted near Union Station. Witness John O’Connor described hearing what sounded like fireworks before

realizing it was rapid gunfire, prompting people to flee for safety.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves confirmed one fatality and reported 10 to

15 injuries resulting from the shooting.

LeAndre Allen and Spencer Johnson, who were present during the incident, recounted scenes

of panic and people trying to ensure the safety of others, including children.

Eyewitnesses like Steven Bloomer described the harrowing moments when gunshots

rang out, prompting mass confusion and a swift police response.

Bloomer recalled police informing him of multiple shooters barricaded inside Union Station.

Despite efforts to maintain composure, the tragedy left attendees shaken.

Jennifer Wilbers and her son, Landon, described their experience witnessing the shootings and

the subsequent chaos as they attempted to leave the area.

Ellie Lutz and Kenney Douthat, who were also present, recounted their shock and disbelief at witnessing the violence.

The incident, occurring during a moment of celebration, left a profound impact on the

community, highlighting the sobering reality of gun violence and its indiscriminate nature.

Despite the resilience shown by individuals helping one another, the shooting serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of public gatherings to such acts of violence.

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