A former Everton scout predicts Jack Butland and Jordan Pickford amid Rangers progress.

A former Everton scout predicts Jack Butland and Jordan Pickford amid Rangers progress.

Jordan Pickford, Everton’s goalkeeper, may face competition for the England number one position from Rangers’ Jack Butland, suggests former Goodison Park scout Bryan King.

King contends that Pickford sometimes makes routine saves appear more challenging than they are.

This observation coincides with recent comments from Butland,

who disclosed a meeting with England manager Gareth Southgate and the squad

during their visit to Scotland last year (talkSPORT, February 5).

In an interview with Goodison News, King remarked, “It seems as though

Butland has got his confidence back.

I can see him challenging Pickford at England, because he’s a big lad, and he did have a bad run with injuries.

Pickford seems to have picked his game up a little bit, but the only thing with him

is that he can’t stay out of anything, he’s always shouting at people.

Worry about doing your job. His kicking is good, but he makes easy saves look difficult.”

This assessment raises questions about Pickford’s performance, despite his established position as the primary goalkeeper for both Everton and the England national team.

While Pickford has faced competition from other goalkeepers such as Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale,

Newcastle United’s Nick Pope, and Crystal Palace’s Sam Johnstone, none have displaced him.

However, Butland’s resurgence could pose a new challenge if he is recalled by Southgate.

Nevertheless, Pickford’s immediate concern is Everton’s struggle to avoid relegation from the

Premier League, with an upcoming match against fellow strugglers Crystal Palace.

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