added significant value. A business expert commends Everton on their actions in 2022.

added significant value. A business expert commends Everton on their actions in 2022.

Everton has yet to finalize the naming rights for their forthcoming 52,000-seater stadium situated along the River Mersey.

Richard Kenyon, the club’s commercial officer, provided an update on

Thursday regarding the progress of securing naming rights for Everton Stadium.

“We are making good progress with regards to stadium naming rights as we

seek to secure an appropriate partner to capitalize on this unique opportunity,”

Kenyon stated on the club’s website.

“This has been a comprehensive and thorough global process, with a focus

on finding the right long-term naming partner for our new home.”

In September 2022, the club announced a collaboration with Elevate Sports

Ventures, a prominent consultancy in sports and entertainment, to assist in

securing naming rights for the new stadium.

Despite the absence of a formal announcement regarding the club’s naming

rights, an expert in commercial affairs has commended Everton’s approach.

Daniel Haddad, head of commercial strategy at global sports agency Octagon,

views Everton’s partnership with Elevate as a strategic move to maximize the stadium’s commercial potential.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Haddad remarked: ”

Agencies like Elevate possess extensive expertise within the US.

If you were seeking external assistance to monetize a stadium, you’d likely turn

to one of the specialized firms like Elevate or Legends, rather than the larger

European agencies or established football agencies.”

Haddad believes Everton has enhanced their value by pursuing naming rights

for their new multipurpose venue.

“Despite not yet securing a name, Everton may have added considerable value and could be

excelling in other areas,” he noted.

In the modern football landscape, clubs must be innovative in generating revenue streams,

and Everton’s upcoming stadium offers numerous opportunities in this regard.

With the potential for a transition into new ownership and a focus on avoiding relegation, Everton could be poised for a fresh start. A sustainable future is imperative for the club’s success.

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