An important takeover decision by 777 Partners Everton is anticipated soon.

An important takeover decision by 777 Partners Everton is anticipated soon.

Everton is eagerly awaiting news on the potential approval of their proposed takeover by Florida-based investment firm 777 Partners from Farhad Moshiri, who currently owns 94% of the club. Despite the deal being agreed upon in September, it is still pending ratification.

The Premier League‘s directors and owners’ test, expected to be concluded

this week, is just one of several hurdles the takeover must clear before progressing.

The club’s future hangs in the balance amid their battle to avoid relegation,

compounded by a ten-point deduction in November, the results of an appeal

pending, and the looming possibility of further points penalties.

While the Financial Conduct Authority has given its approval, the FA, Women’s Super League, and the Championship Board still need to provide their verdicts.

Reports indicate that 777 Partners has already extended £180m in loans to Everton.

Should the takeover collapse and the club face administration as a consequence,

reclaiming these funds would pose a significant challenge for the investment firm.

In the midst of these uncertainties, Everton prepares for a crucial Premier League

encounter against Crystal Palace on Monday evening.

With the 15th-placed Eagles holding a five-point advantage over Everton in the table, the outcome of this match could have profound implications for both clubs’ standings and aspirations.

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