Kieran Maguire: Everton “disaster” of £200 million could halt US takeover

Kieran Maguire: Everton “disaster” of £200 million could halt US takeover

Other potential buyers eyeing Everton’s acquisition might be deterred if they’re obligated to repay £200 million in loans to 777 Partners.

According to financial expert Kieran Maguire, exclusively speaking to Football

Insider, he believes that 777 Partners would react unfavorably if their proposed

takeover of Everton is turned down by the Premier League.

The Premier League is expected to announce its decision regarding 777’s

takeover by the end of February, as reported by The Telegraph.

Despite striking a £500 million deal with Farhad Moshiri for a majority stake in

September, 777 Partners is awaiting Premier League approval.

A recent report by Football Insider revealed that 777 Partners intends to recall their

loans exceeding £190 million to Everton immediately if their takeover is rejected,

potentially burdening the club with significant debt.

It’s been noted that other American entities are monitoring the situation closely

and might step in to complete a deal if 777’s bid falls through.

Maguire suggests that prospective buyers might hesitate due to the prospect

of repaying substantial loans to 777 Partners.

He points out the speedy approval of Ratcliffe’s takeover at Manchester United compared to

the prolonged process with Everton.

Ratcliffe’s ability to demonstrate over £3 billion in cash and liquid assets facilitated

a smooth transaction. However, Josh Wander and his associates have failed to provide similar assurances.

The ongoing negative coverage surrounding 777 Partners and their track record with acquired clubs might also influence the Premier League’s decision-making process.

Despite Everton’s appeal as an attractive investment opportunity, potential buyers could be wary of the complications arising from the loans owed to 777 Partners and the uncertainty

of their reaction if the takeover bid fails to materialize.

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