How Rob Edwards is energizing Luton Town with the Everton PSR saga

How Rob Edwards is energizing Luton Town with the Everton PSR saga

Everton finds themselves deeply entrenched in yet another struggle against relegation, marking their third consecutive season in such dire straits.

This represents a stark departure from the promises of European aspirations and trophy triumphs that Farhad Moshiri once touted to Everton fans, promises that have failed to materialize.

Now, Everton consistently finds themselves battling to avoid relegation,

managing to do so by narrow margins thus far.

However, with only 14 games remaining in the season, they currently

languish in the bottom three, their hopes of climbing out heavily reliant on

the reversal of their points deduction.

Yet, it’s worth noting that their current position is somewhat distorted due

to the November punishment; without it, they would comfortably sit in 12th place.

Realistically, Luton Town should be occupying Everton’s place in the relegation zone. However, thanks to a recent run of good form, Rob Edwards has lifted Luton above Everton in the standings.

Edwards recently shared his approach to motivate his players, leveraging Everton’s situation as a source of inspiration.

He revealed that he keeps the team updated on the league table with Everton’s

deducted points restored, reminding them of their precarious position and the need to fight to climb out of it.

This tactic suggests that Edwards is preparing his team for the possibility that

Everton will regain their deducted points. Whether this prediction comes true remains to be seen.

With Everton’s appeal outcome still pending, they remain firmly embroiled in the relegation battle.

However, the upcoming match presents a significant opportunity for them to distance themselves from the relegation zone and drag Crystal Palace into contention as well.

As of now, there is just a six-point gap separating the teams in the relegation zone,

highlighting the intensity of this season’s battle against relegation.

For Sean Dyche, the crowded nature of the relegation battle might provide some confidence, as past seasons have seen him contend with fewer teams for survival.

Overall, the hope is that this season’s relegation battle won’t be as dramatic, and a favorable outcome for Everton in their appeal, as Edwards anticipates, could significantly bolster their chances of avoiding the drop.

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