Everton: In a fresh appeal tirade, Andy Burnham blasts the Premier League for being “unforgivable.”

Everton: In a fresh appeal tirade, Andy Burnham blasts the Premier League for being “unforgivable.”

Andy Burnham has once again criticized the Premier League, expressing frustration over the ongoing points deduction appeal at Everton and claiming that the league’s actions are detrimental to the club.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester voiced his concerns on his social media account, questioning the Premier League’s lack of clarity regarding the situation at Goodison Park.

Burnham accused the league of causing uncertainty and protests among Everton fans, ultimately ruining the season for supporters and clubs alike.

In his statement, Burnham stated, “How can the Premier League justify what they are doing to Everton Football Club? Another week is slipping by and we don’t know what is happening.

They are killing us. As a season ticket holder, I feel the Premier League have ruined this season for us and all clubs given the uncertainty they have created. And they are shrouding Goodison in protest

when we should be celebrating the last grand old stage of English football. Unforgivable.”

The result of Everton’s points deduction appeal was expected to be announced before their recent match against Crystal Palace, but the timeline has been continually delayed.

Despite the anticipation, clarity from the Premier League has not been forthcoming,

leading to frustration among fans and neutrals alike.

The lack of communication has sparked outrage, with many demanding answers and

transparency from the league.

The issue extends beyond Everton, affecting all clubs involved in the relegation battle, as

the outcome of the appeal could significantly impact their Premier League status for the next season.

The uncertainty surrounding the situation adds further pressure to an already tense relegation battle.

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