“Leave”… Michael Ball asserts that a £30 million Everton player is unsettling his own teammates.

“Leave”… Michael Ball asserts that a £30 million Everton player is unsettling his own teammates.

In recent years, Everton has faced challenges, but amidst these struggles, certain players like Seamus Coleman, Richarlison, and Jordan Pickford have emerged as heroes at Goodison Park.

Despite their contributions, they often don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

Pickford, in particular, has been criticized for his perceived theatrics, which some

believe impact the team negatively. However, Evertonians dismiss these criticisms.

Michael Ball, a former Everton player, recently echoed these sentiments in his assessment of Pickford.

In an article for the Liverpool ECHO, Ball criticized Pickford’s behavior,

describing it as erratic and potentially nerve-wracking for both fans and teammates.

He suggested that Pickford should focus solely on his goalkeeping duties and trust the outfield players to create opportunities.

Ball also highlighted the need for leadership on the pitch, pointing out that while Seamus Coleman is a leader, others need to step up. He emphasized the importance of players like Pickford trusting their teammates and staying within their designated areas.

Despite criticisms, Pickford’s passing ability stands out within the team, with his accurate

long balls often being the preferred method of distribution.

This reliance on long passes may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it has proven

effective, especially considering Everton’s current position in the league table.

Given the team’s style of play, Pickford’s role is crucial, as he serves as one of the few

playmakers in the backline. With Everton’s midfield often hesitant to come for the

ball, Pickford’s involvement becomes even more significant. Therefore, if manager Sean Dyche continues to employ this strategy,

Pickford’s contribution becomes vital to Everton’s success.

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