Unseen video from the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium surfaced.

Unseen video from the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium surfaced.

Never-before-seen footage has surfaced from the construction site of Everton‘s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Shared via Twitter by the stadium’s official handle, the video and accompanying image showcase the ongoing developments, particularly in the North West corner.

The Toffees have announced that the new stadium is scheduled to be completed ahead of the 2025/26 season, with Alan Myers also providing updates from the site.

The new Everton stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is set to become one of the most visually striking stadiums in Europe. Its unique location by the water gives it a distinct appeal, unlike traditional football venues.

The proximity to the docklands not only offers a picturesque backdrop but also creates a special atmosphere on matchdays.

Combining modern architectural design with industrial heritage, the stadium boasts a dynamic and captivating aesthetic. The waterfront setting adds an extra dimension to the fan experience, providing scenic views and a connection to the city’s maritime history.

This blend of contemporary design and historical context makes the stadium

a destination worth visiting for football enthusiasts and architectural admirers alike.

Its beauty and charm are sure to attract neutrals, eager to experience the ambiance of a matchday in such a unique setting.

With its striking appearance and promising amenities, the new Everton stadium is

poised to become a landmark in the north, setting a new standard for football stadiums in the region.

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