According to Jamie Carragher, Premier League teams are genuinely “scared” about what happened to Everton.

According to Jamie Carragher, Premier League teams are genuinely “scared” about what happened to Everton.

Everton is still awaiting a response from the Premier League regarding their appeal against the ten-point deduction imposed in November.

Three weeks have passed since the independent commission began reviewing Everton’s

defense, yet a conclusion is still elusive, leading to speculation and anticipation among fans.

Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool defender, weighed in on the situation, acknowledging

the potential gravity of the decision and its implications for Everton’s future. Speaking on Sky

Sports’ Monday Night Football prior to Everton’s match against Crystal Palace, Carragher expressed his expectation that some points might be restored to Everton.

He highlighted the initial shock across football at the severity of the deduction and

suggested that the deduction had a chilling effect on club activities during the January transfer window.

For Everton, any points restored could be crucial, as evidenced by their recent climb out of the relegation zone, albeit achieved through a lackluster performance against Crystal Palace.

Without the deduction, Everton would currently be in a much more comfortable 12th

place in the Premier League, well above the relegation zone.

However, they currently hover just above the danger zone on points difference alone.

Should the deduction be halved and five points reinstated, Everton would significantly

improve their league position, overtaking several teams and distancing themselves from the relegation zone.

This outcome would not only enhance their prospects of avoiding relegation but also alleviate pressure on players and fans alike.

The anticipation for a resolution remains high, with hopes resting on a positive outcome for Everton.

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