News on Everton injuries: A doctor updates Dele Alli’s surgery

News on Everton injuries: A doctor updates Dele Alli’s surgery

Everton attacker Dele Alli is facing a prolonged absence from action, with expectations that he won’t be back on the field for several weeks, according to insights from Dr. Rajpal Brar, an injury expert.

Following groin surgery at the end of January, which was confirmed by

manager Sean Dyche, Alli’s recovery process has encountered complications.

While the surgery proceeded according to plan, discussions between

the club and specialists have outlined the next steps for his rehabilitation.

In an exclusive interview with Goodison News, Brar, a specialist in Physical

Therapy and Sports Science, highlighted the complexity of Alli’s situation.

He emphasized that the procedure aims to facilitate Alli’s return without encountering further setbacks.

However, given the intricacies involved, Brar anticipates that Alli will be sidelined for several weeks.

The setback in Alli’s recovery journey comes after initial signs of progress in January.

Unfortunately, this recent surgery has extended his recovery timeline, making

it unlikely for him to return to training in the near future.

Considering that the current season concludes in May and Alli’s contract with

Everton expires a month later, there’s a possibility that fans may have

witnessed his final appearances for the club.

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