Presenters on TalkSPORT argue on air about the Everton scandal.

Presenters on TalkSPORT argue on air about the Everton scandal.

During a live broadcast discussing Everton‘s Financial Fair Play situation, Jim White took a jab at Simon Jordan. The club is still awaiting the verdict of their appeal against a 10-point

deduction for breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules.

Despite the hearing concluding earlier this month, the decision remains undisclosed.

While Jordan views the time taken by the independent commission as reasonable, White criticized the delay, suggesting the Premier League’s process isn’t groundbreaking.

White remarked on TalkSPORT: “We’re not doing anything revolutionary here, Simon. They either reduce it or they don’t, and they’ve had a significant amount of time to decide.”

In response, Jordan stated: “I’m not privy to the details. Wasn’t the appeal heard in January? It’s now the third week of February. Typically, matters like this are resolved and circulated within a month, and that’s likely what will happen.”

The uncertainty surrounding Everton’s points deduction has left the club and its

supporters in limbo for an extended period.

Amidst a relegation battle, Everton’s fate hangs in the balance.

Even a partial reduction of the initial 10-point deduction would significantly

boost their chances of survival under Sean Dyche.

Moreover, the looming possibility of a second charge complicates matters, with

Everton unable to address it until the initial appeal process concludes. The lack of clarity puts Everton at risk of sliding closer to relegation and jeopardizing their Premier League status.

Urgent clarification is needed on Merseyside to prevent further uncertainty and potential consequences for the club’s future.

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