Scottish hero Scott Brown says the Rangers are ‘not against me’.

Scottish hero Scott Brown says the Rangers are ‘not against me’.

Scott Brown has acknowledged that he anticipated Rangers would field their strongest team against his Ayr United side in the Scottish Cup clash. Despite hoping for a cup upset, Ayr United succumbed to a 2-0 defeat at Ibrox earlier this month.

The former Celtic hero, now leading Ayr United after his first managerial stint at Fleetwood, understood the challenge of facing Rangers at Ibrox and expected no leniency from the opposition.

Speaking on A Celtic State of Mind podcast, Brown expressed his awareness that Rangers would not deploy a second-string team against him, given his presence in the dugout.

While Ayr United competed admirably, Brown noted the disparity in resources between the two sides. Rangers introduced high-earning players off the bench, contrasting with Ayr United’s reliance on young debutants, highlighting the contrasting levels in the football hierarchy.

Following the cup encounter, Brown reflected on the subdued atmosphere at Ibrox and suggested that Rangers fans might have been apprehensive due to his past successes at the stadium with Celtic.

He humorously remarked that perhaps the home crowd was “scared” because of his previous victories at Ibrox during his playing career.

Overall, Brown’s remarks shed light on the competitive spirit and challenges faced by Ayr United against a formidable opponent like Rangers, as well as his unique perspective on the dynamics between the two clubs

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