From fringe player to key contributor: Mikey Johnston’s unexpected success at West Brom

West Brom manager Carlos Corberan sheds light on the contrasting roles Mikey Johnston plays for the Baggies compared to his time at Celtic

The young winger has impressed fans with his early performances, scoring two goals in his first five appearances, including a spectacular solo effort against Plymouth. While Celtic supporters express frustration at his departure amidst their own struggles, it’s important to understand the different demands placed on him at each club.

Previously under Brendan Rodgers at Celtic, Johnston received opportunities but was challenged to contribute more, occasionally leading to fan discontent. Corberan’s explanation aims to clarify the distinct playing styles and expectations between the two sides.


Mikey Johnston’s Adaptability: Thriving in a New Environment

Mikey Johnston’s loan move from Celtic to West Bromwich Albion has garnered attention, not just for his impressive early performances, but also for the contrasting demands placed on him at each club. West Brom manager Carlos Corberan recently shed light on these differences, highlighting Johnston’s ability to adapt to diverse playing styles.

“It’s a different experience for Mikey playing at Celtic compared to West Brom,” Corberan explained. “Celtic, particularly at home in league games, are very dominant and attack-minded. In European competitions, the context changes.”

This distinction underscores the varying tactical approaches employed by both teams. Celtic’s emphasis on control and attacking dominance necessitates a different skillset from their players compared to West Brom’s approach.

However, Corberan emphasizes that Johnston’s adaptability is key to his success. “He previously had a loan spell in Portugal, playing in a team with a different style than Celtic,” he noted. “This experience allows us to have greater confidence in his ability to adapt.”

Johnston’s prior exposure to diverse playing styles, gained through his loan in Portugal, has equipped him with the necessary flexibility to thrive in West Brom’s system. This adaptability bodes well for his continued development and future prospects.

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