What the FFP appeal means for the Everton team and its relegation battle is unknown.

What the FFP appeal means for the Everton team and its relegation battle is unknown.

As another day passes, Everton is yet to get word on the outcome of their appeal against the 10-point reduction for violating financial regulations.

And they’re not the only ones who are anxiously awaiting the decision

of the three people tasked with deciding whether the biggest points deduction

in Premier League history—more than the amount Portsmouth actually lost in 2010 when they went into administration—is a just punishment for spending £19.5 million more

than the £105 million allowed by profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

If it is deemed too severe, it will have an impact on Burnley and Sheffield United,

who will discover that the team nearest to the elusive safety of 17th place is now more than seven points ahead.

It has an impact on Luton Town, who trail Everton just in goal differential.

It impacts Brentford, Crystal Palace, and Nottingham Forest,

who would drop one spot closer to the bottom if, for example, the penalty was cut in half.

It impacts not just the teams but also the supporters, executives, and employees who keep them running smoothly. We’ve heard this week how it’s unsettling the players, and even the normally

unflappable Everton manager Sean Dyche acknowledged it’s having an effect.

“They immediately deduct those ten points, so you keep glancing at that chart

and getting asked if you’re among the lowest three, four, or five.

As they don’t abandon you, how can we be certain of the psychological effects of that? stated Dyche.

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