Everton new stadium ‘structurally complete’ as historic milestone reached

Everton new stadium ‘structurally complete’ as historic milestone reached

Approximately 18 months prior to Everton‘s inaugural match at their upcoming stadium, significant progress has been achieved as the new venue reaches a crucial milestone.

The final concrete terracing panel has been successfully installed, marking the

completion of structural work within the 52,888-seat stadium located at Bramley-Moore Dock.

This achievement comes after an intricate 18-month endeavor,

commencing from the positioning of the first concrete terrace in August 2022.

With the installation of all 1,988

double-stepped units completed on schedule, all four stands of the stadium now stand fully intact.

Gareth Jacques, the project director from Laing O’Rourke, expressed satisfaction,

stating that the stadium bowl is now structurally complete.

He credited the team’s diligence in the early stages of the project, enabling

significant progress in various aspects of construction.

Each terrace unit, averaging nearly 9.5 tonnes, was meticulously lifted into

place over the past year and a half, secured with high-strength grout

and weatherproofed with a special sealant.

The installation of bespoke double-stepped units, ranging from 0.73m to 14m in length,

represents a departure from traditional single-stepped blocks.

This innovation was driven by considerations

such as the exposed location of the site, reducing weather-related risks

and streamlining construction processes.

Furthermore, the adoption of double-stepped units has minimized the number

of lifts required and consequently reduced on-site working time, particularly at elevated heights.

Additionally, it has facilitated the critical path to achieving weatherproofing,

as internal works and fit-out activities are typically conducted beneath the terracing.

This innovation has led to efficiencies in construction and reduced the volume of sealant

required for weatherproofing, with approximately 33km of mastic

sealant utilized within the stadium bowl.

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