Wyness orders the Premier League to reimburse Everton following “more bad news”

Wyness orders the Premier League to reimburse Everton following “more bad news”

Former Everton CEO Keith Wyness has criticized the Premier League for delays in approving the club’s proposed takeover by 777 Partners, urging the league to allocate additional resources to expedite the process.

Wyness, who led Everton between 2004 and 2009 and currently advises elite football

clubs through his consultancy, raised concerns about the league’s handling of the US-based investors’ bid.

Despite Everton chairman Farhad Moshiri agreeing to a £500 million takeover deal with

777 Partners in September, the Premier League has yet to grant approval.

Questions have arisen regarding the group’s financial backing and their past dealings with clubs like Standard Liege in Belgium.

Notably, 777 Partners has reportedly provided Everton with approximately £190 million in loans for stadium construction and operational expenses.

Wyness highlighted recent negative news regarding 777 Partners’ reinsurance company and credit ratings, expressing uncertainty about the Premier League’s stance on these developments.

He emphasized the prolonged duration of the approval process, contrasting it with the swift approval of the Ratcliffe takeover at Manchester United within 51 days.

Wyness questioned whether the Premier League is allocating adequate resources to reach a timely decision, suggesting that the league’s substantial financial resources should facilitate a more expedient process.

He expressed frustration over the prolonged delay’s impact on Everton and the wider competition, calling for swifter action from the league.

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