A possible new Everton purchaser is in the waiting.

A possible new Everton purchaser is in the waiting.

According to an article by Philippe Auclair for Eurosport, buried within its content is the claim that if the proposed takeover of Everton by 777 Partners falls through, there’s an investor prepared to inject £1 billion into the club. Auclair, along with investigative partner Paul Brown, who together

have authored 14 articles detailing 777 Partners’ journey from inception to their current financial challenges, suggests the potential emergence of an alternative buyer in the scenario.

While Auclair doesn’t disclose the identity of this investor, subsequent social media

discussions indicate they could be American, although this detail is absent from the article.

Observers like Paul “The Esk” Quinn have consistently asserted the existence of other interested parties keen on acquiring Farhad Moshiri’s stake in Everton.

Last September, 777 Partners entered into an agreement with Moshiri to acquire his 94.1% ownership of Everton. Despite initial confidence within the group that the deal could be finalized by Christmas,

they are still awaiting approval from the Premier League to proceed, pending the outcome of the Owners’ and Directors’ Test. The League’s deliberations on 777’s financial capability and

suitability to own and sustain Everton have left the timeline for a decision uncertain.

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