Sean Dyche acknowledges that while Everton waits to be deducted points, he feels “for the players.”

Sean Dyche acknowledges that while Everton waits to be deducted points, he feels “for the players.”

The idea that Everton must continue playing without knowing the result of their appeal is downright absurd.

Sean Dyche is unable to make plans for a future that is still so unclear, and even

people in their immediate vicinity are uncertain as to whether they are safe or in danger.

Though it is unjust to all parties involved in the relegation scrap, the division has

long since moved past such a lack of civility and justice.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Toffees are unable to provide any

meaningful feedback regarding the procedure, and their 52-year-old manager is being asked questions that he

is unlikely to even be familiar with.

An unforgiving role on top of all the other hardships that come with managing this club.

However, he did let his mask slip ever so slightly in yesterday’s press conference…

His behavior is still really admirable, considering how generous and calm he was during a time that would have naturally sent many packing.

Not to mention the numerous on-pitch problems he has helped them with, which have been bothering them for months.

They are very skillfully hovering above the drop zone in 2024 in the absence of a Premier League victory. Since they are in a perilous position and are working to build a much-needed safe distance, there is no easy way out.

Speaking after their 1-1 draw with Brighton and Hove Albion, which helped them move above Luton Town by a point, Dyche told BBC Sport: ‘

The only thing I spoke of in the week is the players have been very patient, waiting, playing these games, lots of games in between that moment staring at a league table which is adjusted and no

one knows why you adjust it if it’s not a given.

‘We’re all staring, waiting, I feel for the players.’

As for the ruling, we were expecting it by the middle of February, but it was postponed

until right after Monday’s game against Crystal Palace. It has already been more than three weeks since Laurence

Rabinowitz’s defense of Everton was heard by the independent panel..

Furthermore, it is hard to say if it is a good or bad thing given how long it has taken, and the

silence simply fuels such conjecture.

Allowing fans to let their minds wander is only provoking further frustration, and the

ambiguity with which the Premier League has operated throughout this entire process is shameful.

Next week marks crunch time, where they simply must submit their outcome before February is up.

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