Sunderland player Everton is pursuing as his £20 million valuation surfaces: “Might be a little too much”

Sunderland player Everton is pursuing as his £20 million valuation surfaces: “Might be a little too much”

The reported interest of Everton in Sunderland central defender Dan Ballard has sparked discussions about the potential transfer and its implications.

Here are the views of two Football League World (FLW) writers on whether

Ballard would be a good signing for Everton and if Sunderland should consider cashing in on him:

Simmey Hannifin-Donaldson’s Perspective:

Simmey praises Dan Ballard for his impressive performances since arriving in the

Championship, highlighting his success despite transitioning from a Premier League club.

However, Simmey views Everton’s potential £20 million investment in Ballard as a gamble

due to his lack of Premier League experience.

Considering Everton’s ongoing struggles and financial challenges, Simmey emphasizes the need for careful consideration before making such a significant investment.

While acknowledging Ballard’s potential, Simmey suggests Everton must be thoroughly convinced of his suitability before pursuing the transfer.

Ben Wignall’s Perspective:

Ben acknowledges Ballard’s talent and status as one of Sunderland’s valuable assets.

He highlights Ballard’s resilience in overcoming previous injuries to become a consistent presence in Sunderland’s defense.

While Ballard may not be destined for Sunderland in the 2024-25 season,

Ben believes he could thrive alongside James Tarkowski at Everton. However, he questions whether the reported £20 million fee for Ballard is justified, suggesting a lower valuation might be more reasonable.

Ben emphasizes that Ballard’s value ultimately depends on the willingness of clubs to pay, but Sunderland could benefit from retaining him if the price isn’t met.

Overall, both writers recognize Ballard’s potential but raise concerns about the potential transfer fee and Everton’s need for careful evaluation before pursuing the deal.

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