“Be concerned”… Since Everton’s announcement today, a Sky journalist is worried about Nottingham Forest.

“Be concerned”… Since Everton’s announcement today, a Sky journalist is worried about Nottingham Forest.

Kaveh Solhekol, a reporter for Sky Sports, stated that he is now worried about Nottingham Forest.

The assertion was made by the journalist on the YouTube account of Sky Sports Premier League.

What has been stated about the situation at Forest by the man who seems to have his finger on the pulse? Let’s investigate more closely.

The latest remarks made by Kaveh Solhekol on Nottingham Forest

This, however, coincides with the shocking announcement that Everton has been

awarded back four of the ten points they had been docked today.

Following an appeal hearing, the Toffees have now moved up to 15th place in the standings, surpassing Forest.

With Everton facing a further deduction, it might provide Forest a preview of what to

anticipate when their own case is considered.

Solhekol now has some reservations over the Forest situation and he has admitted he’s slightly concerned.

He told the Sky Sports Premier League YouTube channel:

“I think they will be looking at it like that (worst-case scenario being six points).

“The issue is that basically with these rules what you’re doing is handing in

your accounts and they show that you’ve lost more money than you should have. It’s black and white.

“After that, there will be an impartial commission hearing where the Premier

League will present their case and give the team an opportunity to explain why they violated the regulations.

They’ll argue all those points.

“As a Forest supporter, I would simply be concerned. Naturally, Everton supporters

would worry every day as well, since they believe that if six points are the punishment and the standard,

and that has been agreed upon by Everton and the Premier League, does that imply that anyone who violates the rules

going forward will undoubtedly receive six points?

“I would be concerned about that.”

It is concerning that Everton have been given some points back.

However, had they not, Forest would have been expecting a similar 10-point deduction.

Now, the Reds look likely to be hit with the same sanction.

Indeed, it will be fascinating to see how this plays out from here.

Kaveh is hot on the big topics in football and he’s right to express these latest concerns.

For Forest, there will undoubtedly be a penalty of some kind.

The club must now wait anxiously to find out their own fate.

We think the Premier League is taking a risk with this.

Even though Manchester City is still facing 115 allegations, Everton and

Forest—two “small clubs” that Premier League chief Richard Masters referred

to—are receiving punishment one after the other.

There’s a sense of unease and the Premier League bears a lot of responsibility!

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