Everton takeover: A “Desperate” 777 update surfaced before of a potential deduction of two points.

Everton takeover: A “Desperate” 777 update surfaced before of a potential deduction of two points.

777 Partners were informed of the Everton points deduction appeal verdict simultaneously with the club and are now eager to proceed with their plans, according to a source speaking to i News.

The source revealed that following the announcement of the reduction in the sanction by four

points, the prospective new owners of Everton, represented by 777 Partners, remain fully committed to the deal.

They asserted that the outcome of the second charge would not deter their commitment to acquiring the club.

While another points deduction is anticipated, there is speculation that it could be reduced based on double jeopardy grounds. However, the Americans involved in the takeover remain steadfast in their resolve.

Despite the delay in receiving a verdict on their bid from the Premier League, which is

now significantly longer than usual, 777 Partners has demonstrated its commitment by providing nearly £190

million in loans during this period.

The ongoing investment from the Miami-based firm underscores their dedication

to the acquisition process. Additionally, the potential benefits of acquiring Everton, particularly

regarding the new stadium project, make their commitment even more significant.

The current stance of 777 Partners could be interpreted as unwavering

support for the club or as a high-stakes gamble, depending on one’s perspective.

Nonetheless, it appears that the potential new owners are prepared to wait until a

definitive decision is reached, providing a degree of certainty amidst ongoing uncertainty for Everton.

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