After an appeal ruling, Michail Antonio outlines the number of points Everton needs to survive.

After an appeal ruling, Michail Antonio outlines the number of points Everton needs to survive.

West Ham United striker Michail Antonio believes that Everton still require a further 11 points to secure safety in the Premier League, despite their recent reduction in points deduction for breaching financial regulations.

The reduction, from 10 points to 6, provided Everton with a significant lift, moving them five points clear of the relegation zone.

However, Antonio emphasized that Everton must continue to perform on the pitch to ensure their safety.

Speaking on the BBC’s Footballer’s Football Podcast before West Ham’s trip to Goodison Park, Antonio highlighted Everton’s need to reach 36 points for Premier League safety.

He stressed that despite Everton’s improved position, it doesn’t guarantee safety and they must remain focused on accumulating points.

Addressing concerns about confidence levels among teams battling Everton for survival, Antonio argued that teams shouldn’t be overly concerned with Everton’s situation, as their points deduction

wasn’t a reflection of their current performance.

He emphasized the importance of focusing on one’s own performance rather than external factors.

The reduction in Everton’s penalty shifted them above Nottingham Forest and Brentford in the table.

Fulham midfielder Tom Cairney, also on the podcast, suggested that Everton had

demonstrated enough resilience to survive even without the points deduction reduction.

He believed that Everton’s unity and strong fan support would continue to be crucial factors in their survival bid, although the reduction could provide a morale boost.

Cairney anticipated that the impact of the points deduction would be more significant for teams lower down the table, such as Luton, and suggested it would be interesting to observe

how different teams react to the development.

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