Everton: In a “fraudulent” tirade, the owner of Crystal Palace attacks the PSR and Premier League rules.

Everton: In a “fraudulent” tirade, the owner of Crystal Palace attacks the PSR and Premier League rules.

Crystal Palace part-owner John Textor has criticized the Premier League and its profit and sustainability rules in response to charges leveled against Everton and Nottingham Forest.

Textor questioned the logic behind docking points for spending money, arguing that since it’s the owners’ money, they should have the freedom to spend it as they wish.

In a rant reported by The Times, Textor expressed his belief that the rules are designed to maintain the status quo, favoring big clubs over smaller ones by focusing on income ratios rather than the quality of a club’s balance sheet.

He argued that the current system prevents clubs with significant resources from investing in their teams to meet fan expectations.

Textor labeled Financial Fair Play as a fraudulent concept, stating that true sustainability should be based on the strength of a club’s financial foundation rather than arbitrary ratios against profit and loss.

He criticized the notion that clubs cannot spend their own funds freely, regardless of their financial health.

Textor’s comments come amidst growing discontent among Premier League clubs, fueled by Everton’s points deduction and the ensuing appeal process.

Former managers and pundits, including Sam Allardyce and Jeff Stelling, have also

voiced criticism of the league’s handling of various issues throughout the season.

This latest criticism adds to a growing chorus of discontent directed at Premier League leadership, with some officials questioning the direction and effectiveness of CEO Richard Masters.

As tensions escalate and concerns persist regarding the handling of cases like Everton’s,

further backlash against the league’s decisions seems likely in the near future.

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