“Everton Stadium’s Unique Barrel-Clad Roof Takes Shape After Three Years of Planning”

“Everton Stadium’s Unique Barrel-Clad Roof Takes Shape After Three Years of Planning”

The distinctive barrel-clad roof of the Everton Stadium has finally begun to take shape after three years of meticulous planning and execution.

The innovative aluminium panels, now adorning the east stand, provide a captivating preview

of the stadium’s future appearance, promising to transform the skyline of north Liverpool upon completion.

For those involved in the project, witnessing the installation of the panels marks the culmination of years of dedication and effort.


Mike Young, Principal Facade Engineer for Laing O’Rourke, expressed satisfaction at seeing the project come to fruition after an extensive period of involvement.

William Morrison, Associate Operations Director at Lindner Prater, echoed this sentiment, describing the achievement as “magnificent.”

The installation process of the 872 panels, each weighing 250kg, presented unique challenges due to the stadium’s curved shape and the malleability of the panels. Specialized equipment, including a robotic arm, was devised to carefully position and secure the panels onto the stadium’s steel framework.

Morrison highlighted the necessity for a bespoke solution given the project’s specific

requirements, emphasizing the stringent safety regulations and the need for innovative approaches.

Young emphasized the extensive planning and collaboration with subcontractors to ensure a safe and effective installation process.

The perforated design of the panels serves multiple purposes, allowing light to enter

the enclosed stadium while facilitating airflow and revealing elements of the architectural steelwork beneath.

With the first phase of installation completed on the east stand, attention now shifts

to the west stand, with the goal of covering the entire stadium roof by summer.

Morrison acknowledged the challenges posed by factors such as weather conditions but expressed confidence in meeting the target completion date of July, citing ongoing improvements in installation efficiency.

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