Everton: Richard Masters and Sean Dyche attend the gathering emceed by Kier Starmer.

Everton: Richard Masters and Sean Dyche attend the gathering emceed by Kier Starmer.

Richard Masters and Everton manager Sean Dyche were both reportedly in attendance at a social gathering hosted by Sir Keir Starmer, as per The Times.

The event, which took place on March 1st, aimed to gather insights from figures in sports administration and broadcasting ahead of Starmer’s potential bid for Prime Minister.

Among the guests were FA chief Mark Bullingham, commentator Clive Tyldesly, Sky Sports host Kelly Cates, former Everton player Peter Reid, and ex-Chelsea defender Graeme Le Saux.

Starmer emphasized that he wasn’t seeking votes or support but rather seeking ideas from the attendees.

There’s no indication of direct communication between Dyche and Masters or between Reid and Masters. However, given the ongoing delay in the Premier League’s decision on 777 Partners’ takeover

bid for Everton, such discussions would likely have been relevant.

Of greater concern for Dyche is Everton’s fluctuating position in the league table, exacerbated

by a recent reduction in points deduction from 10 to 6.

Despite a much-improved season, Everton found themselves battling relegation due to the

initial punishment, which has since been partially overturned.

With another hearing looming over a profit and sustainability referral, further sanctions

are anticipated, adding to the uncertainty for Dyche and his players.

The strained relationship between Everton and league authorities suggests any interaction between Dyche and Masters would have been tense at best.

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