Ravens humiliate Dolphins – The Splash Zone 1/1/24

Ravens humiliate Dolphins – The Splash Zone 1/1/24

Just as they embarrassed the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night, the Baltimore Ravens did the same to the Miami Dolphins. Following his destruction of a Dolphins defense that has been playing well over the last few months, Lamar Jackson essentially cemented his place as MVP. The Dolphins’ defense had one of their worst games of the season and appeared lost the entire time. The offense, on the other hand, was simply out of rhythm and nothing seemed to go right as several simple catches were dropped. Miami was simply at a loss for responses.

It would be difficult to defeat the highly skilled Ravens football team at home. The Dolphins needed a victory to remain in the running for the AFC’s top seed, which they had already secured. To win the AFC East, they also needed to win. However, they now have to defeat the Buffalo Bills the following weekend to win their first AFC East championship since 2008, which will not be a simple feat.

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